The UnSewn™ Mask is best used indoors, in moderate to cool environments. We are working on ideas to make it more suitable for warmer or hotter environments.
To Apply: It is very important to use the UnSewn Mask Properly. First, pull open nose and chin flaps, and bend nose piece.
Fine-tune nose piece angle, and ensure that upper and lower flaps cover your nose bridge and chin. Make sure side anchors (cardboard pieces) are flat on face, not bent inward. If mask is too loose, remove one or two rubber bands from one or both head straps. Angle head straps as shown.
Storage and Re-Use: Some researchers recommend exposing a mask to sunlight, or storing it in a paper bag, for 3 to 7 days between uses. Thus for example you can have 5 different masks, alternating their use on a 5-day cycle.
Repurposing and Recycling
When it is time to retire a mask, you can disassemble it and:
A. Re-use the rubber bands and twist-ties.
B. Recycle the cardboard.
C. Use the filtering sheets for cleaning, and then
D. Recycle the Swiffer sheets.
We continue to look into other ways to make the UnSewn mask more environmentally friendly.
This mask is a DIY project that uses unconventional materials. Please read about potential risks of use, and the science behind our results.