Filtration-Tested Against Commercial Masks

Our surgeon made over 200 prototypes to create a DIY system that actually works.

Our Story
Our inventor is an eye surgeon in a COVID-19 epicenter in New York. Starting in March 2020, he started designing a DIY face mask.
The next step was Fit-and-Filtration testing on human subjects.
The UnSewn Mask gave better results than a wide variety of other masks, both DIY and manufactured.
N95 masks can be OK on larger faces but leave gaps on smaller faces. The problem will persist even if the N95 head straps are tightened.
With the UnSewn™ Mask, head size adjustment is as simple as tightening or loosening the head straps, by removing or adding rubber bands.
Our advantage comes from a unique combination of features: (1) soft, flexible materials designed to conform closely to the skin; (2) side support anchors; (3) user-adjustable head straps, and (4) a unique approach to filtration media.

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We have more work to do on this project. We are trying to launch a fundraising campaign. Specifically, we want to ensure safety, effectiveness, and availability for users.

Fundraising Pending

We are encouraged enough by our early results that we are personally using the UnSewn™ Mask every day. Our instructions will show you how to make your own UnSewn™ Mask at home.